Pet Sitting

Don’t put your pet in a kennel when you go on vacation!

Pet Sitting is your alternative to kenneling!


Scottsdale Pet SittingThere’s nothing more lonely for a pet than being without his or her owner. Pet owners these days are so busy that sometimes their pets run the risk of being unintentionally neglected. Because of this more and more responsible pet owners are looking to Phoenix Quality cleaning for their pet sitting needs to help keep their beloved pet happy and entertained while they are away on business or just out of the house for the day. To help you and your pet cope with your departure or vacation, let Phoenix Quality Cleaning help you. We offer in-home pet sitting services to residents in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Carefree and Fountain Hills.

Cave Creek Pet SittingOur goal is to keep your pet’s life as normal as possible, with feeding, exercise, companionship.

There is no need to worry if you will be away for a while — we are more than willing to collect your mail and newspapers, taking out the garbage for pickup and shut the blinds or turn lights on and off for the safety of your home. We’ll do all of this while also providing a friendly face for your favorite friend.

Our Pet Sitting Services Include:

  • Phoenix Pet SittingIn-home pet sitting
  • Pet taxi and overnight services
  • Dog waste removal from yard
  • Pet playtime sessions
  • Litter box  maintenance for cats
  • Administering of medications or injections
  • Pet feeding
  • Medical attention for pets
  • Daily dog walks
  • Gather mail, trash, packages and newspapers
  • Shut blinds, turn lights on and off for safety of your empty home

Pet Sitting Scottsdale, AZThe number one trait of a good pet sitter is a love of animals. It is important that your pet sitter can get along with, play with, and keep entertained a variety of different types of pets because pet owners today don’t just have dogs and cats. We are aware that many pet owners do not have the typical household pets and that these pets require a different form of care than a typical dog or cat will. We understand that your pet can be like a child to you and we treat them as such.

Meeting with a potential client and their pet before their business trip is a must before we provide our pet sitting service. It is important that we get to know the pet and that you, as the pet owner, get to know us. After all, no one wants to leave their pet with a complete stranger. At this time we would be observing how the pet typically acts, and inquiring about any bad habits that need to be curbed, as well as which behaviors are allowed and which are not.

As pet lovers ourselves, we want your pet to be happy when you return from your trip. Call on Phoenix Quality Cleaning today and let us discuss your needs.